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Previous Address

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Employment Details

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Please provide details of two people (not relatives) we can contact for a reference if you have not completed Landlord and Employment

Details of the property you want to rent

Who will live in the property with you?

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Sharing details

In order to meet our legal obligations regarding Right to Rent, to make sure that you are financially suitable for the property and to prevent and detect fraud, we may share your data with the following:-

Please place a tick in the above boxes to show that you consent to us using your data for these purposes

If you do not consent (which is your legal right) WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO GRANT YOU A TENANCY. The data will be kept for 12 months from the date of application and then destroyed or if you become a tenant, for the period you are a tenant & up to 10 years afterwards. Please read your Privacy Notice on our website.


The Holding deposit is refundable in the following circumstances:-

IN FULL (The refund will be made within 7 days) If the offer is not accepted by the Landlord. The Landlord withdraws the property or if the Landlord decides the references are unsatisfactory. The Landlord does not agree the special conditions. If the tenant takes up the tenancy (this payment will be applied against the first rent payment).

  NOT REFUNDABLE The holding deposit is not refundable if the tenant makes additional requests (such as permission to keep a pet, wanting a permitted occupier, wanting the Landlord to provide items not already offered as part of the tenancy, specialist cleaning, different rent due days etc. which are refused by the Landlord). These must be asked for before you make this application.

Where the tenant provides false or misleading reference information, and the Landlord is unable to release the property by the proposed move in date, a charge will be levied to cover all the landlords costs up to a maximum of the deposit paid. Where the tenant does not have the Right to Rent under immigration Act 2014 and the Landlord/Agent did not know and could not have reasonably have been expected to know that prior to taking the holding deposit. If after 14 days the tenant withdraws their offer, or does not take reasonable steps to take up the tenancy during the "deadline for agreement" (UNLESS A DIFFERENT DATE HAS BEEN AGREED BETWEEN THE PARTIES IN WHICH CASE THE TIME LIMITS OF THE NEW AGREEMENT WILL APPLY). THEN THE CHARGE WILL BE LEVIED TO COVER THE Landlords costs up to a maximum charge of the deposit paid.

Identification Required


I understand and consent to Property Management Services carrying out any checks they feel necessary about myself and members of my household in connect with my housing application to rent a property. I understand that should I provide any false information and/or withhold any information relevant to determining my suitability for housing with Property Management Services my application will not proceed. I understand and agree to Property Management Services terms and Conditions.
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